TROY WAR – Best Blockchain Game

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TROY WAR – Best Blockchain Game

“TROY War” is a placement type, real-time strategic tower GameFi. It establishes a virtual world using blockchain technology, presenting itself as an easy-to-play tower-defense game, combining with a build, attack, and defense campaign with both PvP and PvE modes. We aim to achieve the top IP among mobile games such as Plants Versus Zombies.

“TROY WAR” is a real-time strategic tower defense chain tour of placement. The player is a commander under Hector’s army, who is responsible for guarding the Trojan city-state. As a commander, you can arrange defense towers to garrison in various places on the map. Defeating the invading enemy can obtain a large number of HELEN currency, which can be used to build and upgrade powerful defense towers, warriors. Join now and forge a defense tower to defend Troy!

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TROY WAR – Best Blockchain Game

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