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NFT News List

Find all the news on games in our news and review list. All News List 2023-2024:

Homie Wars News: Homie Wars is making waves in the metaverse gaming space with its free-to-play model and a range of exciting game modes. What sets it apart is its use of Web3 technology to onboard millions of new gamers into the Web3 space, making it a hot topic among crypto enthusiasts.

Cryptopolis News: Cryptopolis is revolutionizing the world of NFT gaming. This social online NFT game offers players the chance to build their virtual apartments with NFT items, socialize, and engage in exciting minigames. The game\’s unique \”need system\” tied to in-game NFTs adds depth and strategy to the experience, and the ability to challenge friends in minigames for real rewards is a standout feature.

Game X Change News: Game X Change is redefining the relationship between gaming and NFTs. Players can seamlessly play integrated and connected Steam games, earning $GXP by converting in-game Steam achievements into NFTs. This innovative approach bridges the gap between traditional gaming and blockchain technology.

Call of Antia News: Call of Antia immerses players in a post-apocalyptic universe where the battle between light and darkness rages on. With a rich backstory and a return of dark forces, this game promises an epic adventure that fans of immersive storytelling won\’t want to miss.

Search for Animera News: Search for Animera transports players to the year 2230 and a new galaxy called Nubera. With its unique solar system and habitable planets rich in resources, this game promises a vast and advanced universe for players to explore. The potential for resource-driven gameplay and advanced technology sets it apart in the gaming world.

Yaku Corp News: Yaku Corp ventures into a cyberpunk world, weaving Japanese legends and geek culture into a metaverse. With a manga, anime, and 3D assets, this project promises an expansive universe with limitless possibilities for players and fans of Japanese culture.

Parallel News: Parallel introduces players to a world where NFTs take center stage. With original 3D art representing characters and artifacts, this game combines NFT collectibles with online and mobile gameplay. The promise of in-game rewards and support for an early-stage project makes Parallel an intriguing addition to the NFT gaming space.

Wombat Dungeon Master News: Wombat Dungeon Master offers a unique twist on dungeon management games. Players become dungeon masters, sending cute wombats on quests to find hidden NFT loot. The game\’s reward system, where players earn crypto rewards at the end of each season, adds an exciting incentive to play.

PlaceWar News: PlaceWar\’s decentralized strategic play-to-earn game universe is making waves in the gaming community. Craft tanks, conquer other pixels, engage in PVE skirmishes, and participate in PVP battles with real money rewards. The concept of owning and upgrading pixel lands as NFTs adds depth to the gameplay.

Heroes of Mavia News: Heroes of Mavia combines MMO and strategy gameplay in a fantasy-themed world. Players build bases, defend against attackers, and earn in-game cryptocurrency RUBY through battles. The strategic placement of defensive buildings and resource management add layers of depth to this play-to-earn game.

Rooniverse News: Rooniverse offers a unique blend of tribal Roos fighting for glory in a savage world. With exploration, battles, breeding, crafting, and farming, it promises a diverse gaming experience. The combination of tribal aesthetics and cyberpunk elements adds an intriguing visual style to the game.

BladeDAO News: BladeDAO introduces the first medieval-themed idle dungeon game with elements of PvE and PvP gameplay. The quest to defeat powerful enemies, summon units, and obtain the Abyssal Blade promises exciting gameplay. The game\’s connection to blockchain technology adds an innovative twist to traditional dungeon games.

Faraland News: Faraland combines digital collectibles with multiplayer RPG gameplay. Players explore a universe featuring various races, engage in combat, and profit from battles. The game\’s NFT-based mechanics and competitive elements make it a promising addition to the NFT gaming world.

Krypto Fighters News: Krypto Fighters takes NFT-based gaming to the Polygon network, offering players the chance to collect, trade, train, and lead a team of fighters. The game\’s unique feature of training fighters and creating the next generation of NFT fighters adds depth to the gameplay and rewards.

Veni Vidi Vici News: Veni Vidi Vici offers a glimpse into a dwarven world inspired by a blend of fantasy and mining culture. The game\’s focus on dwarven physical attributes and its connection to blockchain technology make it an intriguing project for fantasy gaming enthusiasts.

Nifty Island News: Nifty Island is shaping up to be a player-owned metaverse with a range of features. Players can build their islands, create games, import NFT collections, complete quests, and socialize with others in this open social gaming platform. The promise of a truly player-centric metaverse experience sets it apart.

ArmyGrid News: ArmyGrid is an accessible online browser game with straightforward gameplay suitable for players of all ages. The game offers a fair approach to microtransactions and the potential for obtaining rare drops and powerful items. The introduction of Orange Items as super rare rewards adds excitement to the game.

P.O.N.G. Heroes News: P.O.N.G. Heroes pays homage to the legendary game Pong by bringing it into the Web3 gaming space. The promise of innovative gameplay, NFTs, and unique twists on the classic game makes it an exciting project to watch in the play-to-earn market.

MetaChess News: MetaChess combines chess and blockchain technology to create a 3D multiplayer play-to-earn metaverse chess game. With NFTs representing chess pieces and a play-to-earn model, it aims to modernize and sustain interest in traditional chess.

Crazy Snake News: Crazy Snake merges GameFi and blockchain technology to create a unique gaming ecosystem. The addition of Crazy Shuffle and its puzzle-solving gameplay adds a fresh dimension to the game, making it more engaging for players.

Legends of Ludo News: Legends of Ludo offers a play-to-earn experience in the world of real-time strategy. With a sustainable game economy, various realms, and the ability to recruit and bond warriors, it promises a dynamic and rewarding gaming experience.

GoldeFy News: GoldeFy takes players into a decentralized metaverse where NFT characters and estates can be bred, enhanced, and used in a range of mini-games. The fusion of blockchain technology with gameplay offers both entertainment and profit opportunities for players.

Reventon News: Reventon blends car races and battles in a post-apocalyptic setting powered by blockchain technology. The game\’s emphasis on NFTs for cars, weapons, and parts, as well as the ability to explore and conquer an open world, adds depth and immersion to the gaming experience.

Ilu Universe News: Ilu Universe offers a fantasy RPG NFT game where players can explore, battle, and earn NFTs and crypto with the help of magical creatures known as Ilu. The game\’s combination of exploration, battling, crafting, breeding, and farming adds diversity to gameplay.

Nomad Exile News: Nomad Exile combines elements of sci-fi and medieval settings in an RPG game with multiplayer mechanics. With diverse gameplay features like story quests, exploration, battles, and trading on an NFT market, it promises an expansive and immersive experience.

Golden Bros News: Golden Bros brings fast-paced 3 vs. 3 combat shooter gameplay to the blockchain space. Its simplicity, excitement, and real-time battles powered by blockchain technology make it an attractive choice for both traditional and crypto gamers.

War of Tribes News: War of Tribes offers a play-to-earn PvP RPG experience set in arenas and battlegrounds. With various races, classes, and NFT items, it promises dynamic gameplay and the potential for players to earn rewards through skilled battles.

MetaOps News: MetaOps introduces the first NFT-based first-person shooter with a focus on character advancement, weapon leveling, and mystery box rewards. The game\’s interactive Meta Ops Base adds a social dimension to the gaming experience.

News: No Way Back – The ambitious No Way Back (NWB) multiverse project is set to revolutionize the Battle Royale and Deathmatch genres. With 3 years of development behind it, NWB invites the global Web3 gaming community to embark on a journey within a richly lore-filled world. Expect comics, esports tournaments, animated shows, toys, and more as NWB branches out into various media types, promising endless possibilities.

News: World Eternal Online – World Eternal Online (WEO) offers a dynamic world where players work together to unlock new areas, face monsters, and engage in PvP battles. Hero collection is at the heart of WEO, with over 40 heroes to collect at launch, each with unique skills and traits. Crafting plays a vital role in the game, with players creating gear, potions, and even breeding pets from monster loot and resources.

News: Snail Trail – Snail Trail introduces a unique concept to the Avalanche platform, offering NFT snail racing, breeding, and trading. With burn, upgrade, and equip mechanics, Snail Trail aims to create a deflationary pressure on NFTs and encourage player engagement through theory-crafting. The game will be available on browsers initially, with plans to expand to mobile devices.

News: Clash of NFT – Clash of NFT (CON) emerges as a community-centered Web3 game that enhances the utility and value of NFT assets. Dive into the multiverse, where NFT assets take center stage, offering a range of exciting experiences.

News: AdaQuest – Explore the rich lore of Ada in this unique NFT card-based game. Acquire limited hand-drawn cards as NFTs within the Cardano Network and use them to build your character sheet, embark on quests, and compete against other players.

News: Age of Sam – After the fall of House Ether, House SOL clones 4,444 SAMs (Solarium Autonomous Miners) to mine the Dark Side of the Moon for Solarium. Each SAM NFT is a fully playable character in an upcoming sci-fi epic adventure game, offering a diverse and engaging experience.

News: Ultiverse – Ultiverse aims to disrupt the emerging field of Web3 social gaming metaverses with a platform that integrates social experiences, AAA gaming, DeFi, DEXs, a DAO, and more. Players can import NFTs from other chains, host events, and showcase personal art galleries, making Ultiverse a unique and immersive concept.

News: EZZY GAME – EZZY is an M2E (Move-to-Earn) game with Web3 elements that rewards users for walking or jogging in the open air, promoting a healthy lifestyle while contributing to the M2E world. The app allows users to mine EZY tokens with every step, popularizing Web3 and blockchain-based fitness.

News: Galaxy Fight Club – Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) introduces a cross-platform PvP MOBA game that brings together various avatar collections. Imagine battles between characters from different IP collections, offering a unique and exciting gaming experience.

News: ArcheWorld – ArcheWorld pioneers the use of NFTs in a seamless, open-world PC MMORPG. This groundbreaking project promises to captivate players with its innovative approach and immersive gameplay.

News: CrossLink – CrossLink merges the real and virtual worlds through a gaming experience that combines GPS and games. Dispatch heroes worldwide to challenge extraterrestrial life and win luxury rewards in this unique gaming adventure.

News: Stumble upon Rumble – Stumble upon Rumble brings back the old-school skill-based gaming era, offering player-to-player wagering without randomness. With a sustainable economy and social features, it\’s a nostalgic and competitive gaming experience.

News: Panzerdogs – Panzerdogs combines Solana NFTs with tank battles and play-to-earn mechanics. Skill-based gameplay and NFT ownership create an engaging gaming experience, reminiscent of Brawl Stars.

News: Cyber City – In a dystopian future, Cyber City offers a mix of RPG, strategy, and turn-based combat. Control territories, fight in arenas, race, trade, and forge epic relics in this immersive game.

News: Age of Battles – Age Of Battles combines real-time strategy with GameFi elements, offering a free-to-play and play-to-earn ecosystem. This interconnected metaverse promises exciting gameplay experiences.

News: LULU Market – LULU Market is a community-driven Web 3.0 game with play-to-earn features, DAO governance, and real-world rewards. It creates an interactive trading experience within the metaverse, bridging the gap between virtual and real economies.

News: MetaAge: CyberGen – MetaAge is a platform that connects various blockchain games into one ecosystem. Players can buy, sell, and take ownership of NFTs across multiple games, creating a seamless gaming experience.

News: Rise of Stars – Admirals in Rise of Stars can obtain items and resources through mining, battles, and sites, essential for their growth and success in this exciting gaming universe.

News: Swords of Blood – Discord brought drastic fate to the World of Ezura, where shadow has fallen upon the realm of men. Engage in a thrilling game of war where strategy and courage are your greatest weapons.

News: Planet Mojo – Mojo Melee introduces NFT ownership of playable 3D characters, allowing players to compete in play-and-earn tournaments. Explore interconnected games and experiences set in the Planet Mojoverse for a dynamic gaming journey.

News: The Hatch – The Hatch offers an exciting survival game where NFT ownership of Genesis 4K NFTs provides players with starter kits and the opportunity to earn HATCH Tokens through staking. Customize your shelter, strategize, and engage in epic battles to meet your needs and survive.

Exiled Racers (News): Get ready for the ultimate thrill as Exiled Racers combines NFTs and high-speed racing. Use your in-game NFT avatars to compete against friends and family, with the winner taking home both glory and loot. Are you up for the challenge?

LifeForce Games (News): Step into the futuristic world of LifeForce Games. Show your skills and help rebuild Sidra through gameplay, crafting, and earning. No more pay-to-win nonsense – this game is all about the gaming experience. Get ready to game on, and leave the whales out of it!

Crypcade (News): Embark on your metaverse journey in Crypcade\’s Sector 1, with multiplayer, jetpacks, and more coming soon in Sectors 2, 3, and 4. Own a realistic 3D avatar as an NFT, choosing from hundreds of unique characters, factions, and rarities. Plus, every character NFT has a corresponding avatar in the metaverse, offering a unique experience you won\’t find anywhere else.

NFT Champions (News): Join the epic adventure in NFT Champions as you explore different regions and face unique challenges. With an advanced battle system and a play-to-earn model, this game offers cash rewards, exotic drops, passive income opportunities, and more. Train and evolve your NFTs to increase their value and strategic importance.

Shockwaves (News): Prepare for a groundbreaking experience with Shockwaves, an online blockchain game on the Binance Smart Chain. This first-person shooter features AI-driven NFTs, algorithmically generated cities, and music-infused gameplay. Earn money by battling human opponents and participate in the game\’s thriving tokenomics, including land ownership and weapon sales.

Path of Survival (News): Survive and thrive in Path of Survival, an RPG play-to-earn game with real-time turn-based combat. Face both PVP and PVE challenges, upgrade your characters, and collect valuable NFT items. The world of survival awaits your strategic prowess.

Qorbi World (News): Enter the tactical first-person shooter world of Qorbi World. Compete in online multiplayer battles, collect, trade, and earn with NFT characters. This game introduces a unique \”play to earn\” model, making your gaming experience more rewarding than ever.

Metananos (News): Explore the open metaverse of games in Metananos, centered around high-quality 3D NFT avatars. Train and compete with your NANOs in NANO Games, earning rewards when your NANO emerges victorious. With various games and power gems, the possibilities are endless in the NANO Metaverse.

Brave Nine (News): Brave Nine combines storytelling and RPG elements with a play-to-earn blockchain system. Collect and grow over 300 mercenaries, build your unique strategy, and enter the world of NFTs to enhance your gaming experience.

Car Warriors (News): Prepare for action in Car Warriors, an upcoming blockchain-integrated mobile battle royale game. Enter the arena to win NFT battle car mods and dominate the competition.

Whack Your Undead Neighbour (News): In Whack Your Undead Neighbour, a horror point-and-click game, you\’ll solve puzzles, overcome challenges, and fend off zombies. Enjoy play-to-earn and interactive NFT features while earning Fear.

Nekoverse (News): Journey to the resting lands of all Nekos in Nekoverse, where a curse challenges you to prevail. Discover the mythical world governed by the Ancient Triad and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Afterland (News): Afterland is a multiplayer first-person shooter with stylized graphics and various gameplay modes. Earn tokens through PVE adventures, PVP battles, and more. Customize your home, invite others, and explore the game\’s unique economy.

MetaBoards (News): Experience gamified yield generation with MetaBoards, a play-to-earn blockchain game running on Binance Smart Chain. Dive into board games and reap rewards through NFTs.

CryptoFights: Battlegrounds Evolved (News): CryptoFights is an RPG combat game where you can customize your build, cast spells, and collect free NFT weapons and armor. Explore the token and world expansions, new bosses, and exciting features on the horizon.

D-Drops (News): D-Drops brings real-world adventures to the metaverse, offering blockchain-based treasure hunts. Explore, participate, and be rewarded with blockchain assets while enjoying thrilling real-world experiences.

KleeRun (News): KleeRun is an interactive, first-person GameFi game where holding $KLEE tokens allows you to play and earn more as you progress. Trade NFTs representing real estate, avatars, and merchandise while contributing to the liquidity pool.

Pandemic Space Combat (News): Join the battle for space supremacy in Pandemic Space Combat. Defeat the Taroks, conquer alien planets, and compete in weekly rankings for exciting prizes.

BOUNTYKINDS (News): BOUNTYKINDS is a web3 project set in a diverse gaming universe. Earn rewards by contributing to the game\’s world-building and explore various game genres within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

Planet Sandbox (News): Planet Sandbox is a physics-powered NFT sandbox shooting game that allows players to build and own arenas. Customize your land, design game modes, and compete in intense fighting games to earn rewards.

Project Eluune (News): Answer the call of Eluüne in Project Eluune, a mysterious world that exists within the interstices of internet networks. Dive into this techno-magical world with a rich history spanning millions of years.

Snook (News): Snook offers an adrenaline-charged multiplayer game that directly affects NFT face value. Play to win and watch your NFT character\’s value soar as you defeat opponents.

Biospheres News: Kwerps are creatures that players will be able to grow, customize, and battle within the Biospheres game! Biospheres is the home to these adorable yet lethal creatures known as Kwerps. The Kwerpening is a quest-based competition where players can earn XP points, complete challenges, and climb the leaderboard to victory!

Zone9 Survival News: Zone Nine Survival is the first 3D MMO-based, blockchain-integrated survival game that revolves around warfare and massive-scale battles between Guilds.

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms News: Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is a BNB-based casual RPG mobile game integrated with P2E. Enjoy the story of the Three Kingdoms, collect hundreds of generals, and train them through various general training systems such as general summon, general combination, general promotion, equipment upgrade, research, and more in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms.

Immortal Game News: Play Chess like you never have before. Discover a new level of strategic thinking. Plan ahead your strategy with NFTs that reward certain playstyles.

Cukies World News: Welcome to Cukies World! The first play-to-earn game developed on the Tron Network. Mint and improve your Cukies, each with unique skills, and collect valuable resources. Plus, they can even breed!

Crypto Bird News: CryptoBird is a play-to-earn runner where you play as a bird, flapping your wings to gain height and maneuvering through hazards. Earn rewards in ADA as you soar through this unique gaming experience.

Medieval Empires News: Medieval Empires is an elaborate multiplayer online strategy game set in 13th century Turkey. Join the epic clash between Ertuğrul Gazi and Edward Longshanks in this historically rich gaming experience.

Impulse News: Play Impulse for free and earn Common Credits in training arenas, which you can use to buy NFTs with real-world value. Customize your character and dominate in one-on-one deathmatches or team-based showdowns.

Estfor Kingdom News: Estfor Kingdom is a blockchain-based idle game on Fantom, offering a unique gaming experience with Chainlink oracles and a deflationary in-game economy. Choose your hero and prepare for battle!

Space Troopers News: Space Troopers is an art and gaming project on Cardano, featuring 3D modelled art with utility. Engage in daily battles, earn ADA, and support a mental health charity while exploring this sci-fi P2E universe.

Monster Galaxy News: Tame and train extraordinary monsters in Monster Galaxy, a thrilling play-to-earn game where your skills and strategy determine your success.

Dreams Quest News: Dreams Quest is a dynamic NFT-based play-to-earn RPG card game, offering unpredictable battles affected by weather and other factors. Collect unique cards and engage in strategic gameplay.

Metakey News: Metakey is the hub for the Metakey social ecosystem, fostering collaboration in the metaverse and offering a non-competitive, collaborative world.

Last Remains News: Last Remains combines Battle Royale with stealth elements in a PvPvE world. Search for mintable NFTs while striving to be one of the 3 survivors rescued by a helicopter.

BattleFly News: BattleFly combines strategy, auto-battling, and play-to-earn elements. Assemble the best mod load-outs for your BattleFly, engage in intense competition, and reap significant rewards.

Game of Silks News: Silks is the first P2E metaverse based on thoroughbred horse racing. Secure your Silks Avatar and immerse yourself in the high-stakes world of horse racing.

Bullieverse News: Become a Citizen of Bulliver Island (COBI) in Bulliever Island, a fantasy Metaverse with games and rewards. Explore this ever-expanding world and enjoy a range of arcade games.

SILKS News: Game of Silks offers dynasty fantasy sports in the world of thoroughbred horse racing. Own digital racehorses and earn rewards based on real-world results.

The Wake News: The Wake is a massive isometric MMORPG featuring Norse mythology and NFTs. Explore a world filled with activities, events, and tournaments while earning rewards and $TWAKE tokens.

Boss Fighters News: Boss Fighters is a unique VR/PC multiplayer action game. Play as a VR boss monster or team up with PC players to compete for rewards and valuable loot in intense battles.

Gamium News: Gamium takes players on a mesmerizing journey through the symbolic city of Genesis. This immersive experience offers an array of activities set in a stunning architectural landscape, making it a must-visit destination for Avatars from around the world.

TownStory News: TownStory invites players to the Alpha Centauri system to embark on a thrilling crypto social adventure. Build your dream town, cultivate crops, complete quests, and form bonds with fellow players in this vibrant online world. Stay tuned for an upcoming NFT Building feature that promises unique collaborative experiences.

Forest Knight News: Forest Knight offers a captivating turn-based strategy experience set in the enchanting world of Chronville. As the Forest Knight, gather a formidable team of adventurers to protect your home from menacing foes. With adorable graphics hiding deep strategic gameplay, it\’s a daily adventure worth diving into.

My Meta Farm News: My Meta Farm brings the joy of farming, socializing, and creativity to the Metaverse. Design your dream home, create digital assets, and engage in various activities. Excitingly, a Battle Royale feature is set to launch in October, promising thrilling challenges and rewards for players.

Goons of Balatroon News: Goons of Balatroon offers a unique blend of 2D and 3D elements, featuring card strategy gaming and land ownership. It\’s a chaotic and fun metaverse where players can play for free and earn rewards, crafting rare cards, and customizing characters.

Every Farm News: Every Farm is a free-to-play blockchain farming game on the Wemix platform. Grow crops, run a restaurant, and build your ideal village in this charming and colorful world. With a range of activities and customization options, it\’s a heartwarming rural experience.

SWAGGA News: SWAGGA introduces a new era of metaverse entertainment with a focus on fashion-tainment. Explore commercial and residential lands, engage in social activities, and earn rewards through Swag-to-Earn. With a unique play-to-earn model, SWAGGA promises to revolutionize virtual socializing.

Puzzles Crusade News: Puzzles Crusade combines match-3 gameplay with RPG elements on the Polygon Layer 2 Blockchain. Enjoy interactive metaverse exploration, hero team-building, and economic strategy in this visually stunning mobile game. Stay tuned for the evolving world of Puzzles Crusade.

Crypto Ball Z News: Crypto Ball Z is the successor to the popular <Game of Dice>, offering an exciting blend of idle RPG and shooting game elements. Collect Herostones, trade utility tokens, and obtain unique NFT Commanders. Play, earn, and enjoy thrilling battles in this blockchain-based game.

Wardians Wardians introduces a novel Play-To-Earn economy without a native token, using stablecoins to reward players through competitive events. With thousands of potential combinations, Wardians promises unique battles and endless excitement.

9Tales News: 9Tales combines free-to-play features with innovative Compete-to-Earn modes, backed by valuable NFT collections. Don\’t miss out on the opportunity to hold 9Tales NFTs for a chance at exclusive airdrops and in-game earnings.

Crypto Royale Crypto Royale offers browser-based Battle Royale gameplay with colorful characters, tactical gameplay, and a dynamic environment. Spin the wheel of victory and compete for fame, glory, and profits in this engaging online battleground.

PlayPoseidon News: Dive into the world of PlayPoseidon, where NFT characters battle monsters to defend the base. This game introduces a Free-To-Earn model, allowing players to earn rewards on behalf of NFT owners. Plus, the innovative Daily Income Tier system ensures accessibility for players of all budgets.

Farmer Crypto Become a happy farmer on the BSC blockchain! Plant crops, recruit farmers, and devise strategies for a profitable venture in Farmer Crypto. With various NFTs and gameplay options, it\’s a fun-filled farming experience.

BombCrypto News: BombCrypto adds excitement to NFT collectibles on the blockchain. Manage your group of bomb heroes, mine BCOIN, and fight monsters in this Play-To-Earn game. Collect, trade, and upgrade NFT bomb heroes to increase your chances of success.

Gnome Mines GMINES introduces a BEP-20 Token, offering a unique Play-To-Earn experience. Send gnomes to the mines to earn GMINES tokens, protect your village, and enjoy the camaraderie of the tavern. Get ready for exciting gnome adventures!

EON Rift News: EON Rift presents a multi-dimensional metaverse experience, combining digital media, collectibles, games, and more. Survive against waves of enemies, engage in multiplayer obstacle racing, and soar through futuristic cityscapes. Explore the limitless possibilities of EON Rift.

MatchNova MatchNova offers an intriguing PvP match-3 experience fueled by NFT energy. Score points by matching colored pieces and compete for rewards. The game\’s unique reward system ensures a thrilling and competitive atmosphere.

Castle Crush Castle Crush is a real-time multiplayer strategy game where you can collect powerful spells and legendary monsters to build your deck. Engage in epic duels and join a thriving community of players in this unique card battle experience.

Bingo Family News: Bingo Family brings a blockchain twist to the classic Bingo game. Play, earn, and compete on leaderboards in both one-on-one and multiplayer modes. This innovative take on Bingo promises fun and rewards for players of all levels.

The Nemesis News: The Nemesis is ushering in a new era of the metaverse, blending virtual reality, 3D experiences, casual games, and blockchain technology. This innovative platform offers users a 360-degree environment to explore and interact, setting the stage for a revolution in online experiences.

PetWars News: The battle for affection between cats and dogs is on in PetWars, a free-to-play digital collectible card game. Command an army of pets, including birds, insects, cats, and dogs, in this winner-takes-all battleground. Who will emerge victorious, the cats with their nine lives, or the tenacious dogs?

GiantN: GiantN invites players into an exploration battle blockchain RPG. With three hero classes, normal battles with 5 heroes, and epic battles against boss monsters, there\’s plenty of adventure to be had. Grow your heroes to 7★ and equip them with powerful Cores, including unique ones only obtainable through fusion.

Somnium Space News: Somnium Space is a virtual reality universe built on blockchain. It\’s an open, social world with its own economy, currency, marketplace, games, social experiences, and virtual land ownership. Accessible from various devices, it offers a seamless VR experience for users.

LandRocker News: LandRocker takes players on intergalactic mining missions for NFTs, crypto tokens, and crafting materials. It\’s a Play to Earn game that utilizes blockchain technology for transparent rewards distribution. Uncover rare resources and craft your way to fame and fortune.

The Glimmering News: The Glimmering by GRIPNR offers a 5e-based roleplaying and storytelling world designed for on-chain play with NFT Heroes. With 10,000 genesis NFT Heroes and unique attributes, players can embark on adventures, engage in treasure airdrops, and more in this immersive TTRPG experience.

Mahjong Meta News: Mahjong enthusiasts on Ethereum can now compete globally and engage in Mahjong battles with their pet NFT Tama. Customize competitive rules with friends who own the \”Mahjong house\” NFT and earn rewards in this theme park designed for Mahjong players.

MetaCene News: Enter a post-apocalyptic era in MetaCene, where players battle, own assets, co-govern, and co-create. Engage in thrilling combat, create your own assets through mining machines, and even design new buildings, weapons, costumes, and mods to share with the community.

BirdTornado: Dive into the world of funny-looking Bird monsters in BirdTornado. Collect hunter characters, strengthen your team, and take on hardcore stages and Boss modes for a fun and challenging gaming experience.

XOCIETY News: XOCIETY is a metaverse with shooter mechanics at its core. Developed by an experienced team, it offers AAA shooter action with RPG progression, character customization, and a creator economy. Build your own metaverse within XOCIETY.

Frutti Dino News: Frutti Dino is an SRPG where players use unique Dinosaurs to fend off monsters and protect their habitat. Enjoy various gameplay features like breeding, upgrades, and expeditions, and trade your Dinosaurs on the marketplace for additional profits.

Komoverse News: Komoverse is a PvP strategy turn-based auto-battle game where players strategize their character\’s moves on a chessboard using randomly-selected cards. Climb the daily leaderboard for rewards and collect NFT collectibles to earn rewards through skill and playtime.

BLOCKLORDS News: BLOCKLORDS is a player-driven medieval grand strategy game where your decisions shape the world. Choose your path, from a peaceful Farmer to a powerful Ruler, and engage in farming, fighting, resource management, and ruling to impact the realm.

A3:Still Alive News: A3: STILL ALIVE is a dark fantasy open-world RPG with a blockchain ecosystem. Explore various game modes, engage in large-scale battles, and strategize with Soul Linkers. Join guilds, conquer territories, and explore a vast open world in this immersive game.

Spellfire News: Spellfire is a collectible card game where players build unique decks with cards possessing unusual powers. The goal is to build an empire, and cards\’ special powers override the rules, creating a dynamic and engaging experience.

PlayZap News: PlayZap is a platform for real-time, multiplayer online games, aiming to generate revenue for game developers and reward users. It offers tools for anyone to create and publish multiplayer online games on the blockchain, creating a fun and rewarding gaming ecosystem.

Mixmob News: Join the MixMob, a creative resistance force in a world where a mysterious A.I. has deleted culture. Progress in MixMob through card strategy, battle racing, and MMO experiences while leveling up your avatar and NFT collections.

Mocossi Planet News: Mocossi Planet is a play-and-earn game on the Cardano blockchain, combining virtual pet and farming simulation elements with smart contracts. Players can earn real money by contributing to the ecosystem\’s growth through lands, houses, and Mocomons.

Happy Astronauts News: ASTROVERSE is an ultra-realistic open-world metaverse game developed on Unreal Engine 5. Unlock your OG Happy Astronaut as a playable character and explore various game modes, while all in-game purchases, including character skins and land, are NFTs.

Zuki MobaNews: Zuki Moba brings innovation to the world of MOBA Esports with its decentralized economy and NFT-based gameplay. Gamers can build characters, game items, and Metaverse structures using in-game NFTs, while the Play to Earn mechanism adds an exciting twist. With its roots in the traditional Japanese snowball game, Zuki Moba promises an exciting global e-sport experience.

Icons of TheiaReview: Icons of Theia offers fast-paced tactical turn-based strategy gameplay. Assemble and customize teams of heroes, or \”Icons,\” and compete in intense PvP matches. The game\’s focus on strategy and positioning makes it a thrilling choice for fans of the genre.

MobavurseNews: Mobaverse, the pioneering MOBA GameFi by Playcraft, combines NFTs and online battles in a 5v5 format. Notably, IP holders will receive a share of profits from hero and skin sales. With partnerships with famous blue-chip NFT communities, Mobaverse aims to redefine the MOBA gaming experience.

TriviansReview: Trivians revolutionizes trivia games with cryptocurrency rewards and a Play to Earn approach. With various game modes and a vast question database, it offers trivia lovers an engaging platform to test their knowledge while earning tokens.

Galaxy Fight ClubNews: Galaxy Fight Club introduces cross-brand, cross-platform PvP MOBA battles where Ethereum and NFTs are at stake. It\’s not just an avatar project; it\’s a real-time MOBA game with characters from various NFT collections, promising an exciting clash of iconic characters.

Super Crypto KartReview: Super Crypto Kart brings blockchain to the kart racing genre, offering real crypto payouts in multiplayer races, battle modes, and more. It\’s a must-try for crypto enthusiasts looking to combine gaming with potential rewards.

MarbleVerseReview: MarbleVerse offers a unique MetaVerse experience centered around marble races. Join races, win rewards, and collect marbles to become the ultimate champion. It\’s a fun and engaging concept with a Play to Earn twist.

Umi\’s FriendsReview: Umi\’s Friends merges tile-matching gameplay with NFTs and blockchain technology. Players can collect and grow their Umi NFTs, with the potential for significant rewards. It\’s a game that combines entertainment with blockchain-based earning.

inSHAPENews: inSHAPE is an innovative lifestyle app with GameFi elements that rewards users for their exercise efforts. It aims to solve real-world problems in the M2E ecosystem by offering rewards based on physical activity, using SHAPE tokens.

Paradise TycoonReview: Paradise Tycoon offers players the chance to build their own paradise on an uninhabited island. With crafting, trading, and interactive gameplay, it provides endless possibilities for creative tycoons and social players alike.

JobTribesReview: JobTribes offers a unique concept where players obtain job lord cards to battle and cultivate. It\’s a game that combines strategy and collection elements, making it an intriguing choice for gamers interested in career-themed gameplay.

Mech InfinityNews: Mech Infinity merges the best aspects of successful Battle Royale games with Axie Mechs as the main characters. With different classes and intense battles, it promises a thrilling gaming experience.

ZooRacersReview: ZooRacers combines NFTs with kart battle-arena gameplay. Use ZOONFTs to boost weapons and perks in this fun and addictive game. With various modes and rewards, it offers an exciting crypto gaming experience.

Katana InuNews: Katana Inu blends high-end graphics with play-to-earn mechanics and NFT integration. It promises an interactive open-world environment, NFT-based airdrops, and a marketplace for in-game valuables, offering a unique gaming experience.

Samurai LegendsNews: Samurai Legends is a samurai-themed NFT GameFi Metaverse, featuring PvP battles, strategic gameplay, and political intrigue. With different game modes and land ownership, it offers a rich and immersive experience for players.

RetroDoge: Saving ElonReview: RetroDoge combines play-to-earn mechanics with a classic pixel-style game. Join Rex in his quest to rescue his master from the god of scams, battling retro-style villains with hilarious weapons. It\’s a fun and engaging game with a unique twist.

MetaLine (News): Embark on a maritime adventure in MetaLine, a thrilling ocean-going trade game. Profit from international trade, shipping, and logistics as you build your fleet and transport goods to various ports. Seek out specialty items at different ports for added profits and even construct Battleships. Join forces with friends by forming a consortium and becoming a port owner, sharing in port benefits and special abilities.

WondermanNation (News): Wonderman Nation combines the best of Axie Infinity and Final Fantasy, offering players a play-to-earn blockchain game. Earn tokens through PvP battles, breeding and selling Ardcadians, discovering essential food and spaceship parts, and exploring new planets. Collect rare breeds, win tournaments, and embrace a world of possibilities.

Da Cookie (News): Da Cookie is a blockchain game of timing. Be the last depositor in 300 blocks to win big by depositing 0.005 ETH and resetting the clock. A thrilling game of strategy and timing awaits!

Yuliverse (News): Yuliverse is an alternative reality metaverse and game-based social application where players can engage in thousands of exciting storylines. Earn $ARG and $ART by completing quests and contribute to the player-owned economy by buying, selling, and trading in-game items. Enjoy a unique city hunt experience and unlock special gameplay modes as a Yuli NFT holder.

Apes Planet (News): Apes Planet offers a blockchain-based farming and fighting game with simple controls and exciting combos to discover. Even if you\’re new to fighting games, you\’ll have no trouble diving into this epic adventure. Battle your way to the top while farming and growing in Apes Planet.

Oyabun (News): Immerse yourself in the manga-inspired world of Oyabun, a mobile game that combines gaming and social experiences in a Web3 environment. Train and upgrade your cyber-yakuza characters, earn in-game currency (OYAB), and prove your dominance through battles and strategy.

tontachiAR (News): Tontachi is an exploratory Augmented Reality pet-racing simulator where players train cute pig-like characters called \’Tons\’ for challenging yet fun races to earn real rewards. Developed by Urban Electronics with partnerships with Animoca Brands and Niantic, Tontachi promises an engaging AR gaming experience.

VIMworld (News): VIMworld is a blockchain-powered smart collectible platform where users collect and interact with smart collectibles called VIMs. The EHrT token powers the platform, allowing users to feed, trade, game, and earn rewards with their VIMs. More features, including battling and dungeon crawls, are on the horizon.

Life Beyond (News): Life Beyond invites you to become a citizen of a virtual ecopunk society within a captivating alien world. Experience the endless social and creative possibilities of this modern MMO game, powered by web3 and blockchain technologies.

KLAYDICE : DICAST GOLD (News): \’DICAST GOLD\’ is a P2E game that has gained a million downloads and 800,000 users. Enjoy fast-paced, strategic gameplay with RPG elements, unique strategies, and constantly evolving content, including Monster Jack Mode and Hero Jack Mode.

Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends (News): Dive into Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends, a game that combines the casual bubble-shooter and battle royale styles with beloved Pinkfong characters. Earn and play with NFTs, issue them as NFTs, and operate with two virtual currencies, Bubblefong (BBF) and Friend utility tokens.

Meta Apes (News): Collaborate with your gang in Meta Apes to reach the launchpad at the center of the map. Grow your city, fight battles, strategize, and explore a world filled with surprises in this exciting blockchain game.

Evermoon (News): Evermoon is the world\’s first 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) with sustainable Free-To-Play and Play-And-Earn multiplayer economy features, including NFT elements. Engage in epic battles and enjoy a sustainable in-game economy.

Crypto Shots (News): Crypto Shots offers a 3D blockchain game where you play to earn WAX tokens, collect NFT weapon parts, merge them into powerful NFT weapons, and explore different planets with NFT spaceships. Challenge friends in NFT arenas and experience gaming on the blockchain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are NFTs?

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are digital assets that represent ownership or proof of authenticity of a unique item or piece of content, typically stored on a blockchain. Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, NFTs are not interchangeable with one another, as each NFT has a distinct value and cannot be replicated.

How do NFTs work?

NFTs are created using blockchain technology, which ensures their scarcity and immutability. When an NFT is minted, a smart contract is utilized to record ownership and transaction history on a blockchain, often Ethereum or other blockchain platforms like Binance Smart Chain or Flow. This information is publicly accessible and cannot be altered, making it a secure way to verify the authenticity and ownership of digital assets.

What can be turned into an NFT?

Virtually any digital or digitizable item can be turned into an NFT. Common examples include digital art, music, videos, virtual real estate, in-game items, collectibles, and even tweets or memes. The key requirement is that the item can be represented digitally and uniquely.

How do I buy NFTs?

To purchase NFTs, you\’ll need a digital wallet that supports the blockchain on which the NFT is created (e.g., Ethereum for Ethereum-based NFTs). You can then visit NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, or NBA Top Shot, browse the available NFTs, and place bids or buy them directly using cryptocurrency.

Can I sell my NFTs?

Yes, you can sell your NFTs on various NFT marketplaces. You can list your NFT for sale at a price you set, or you can choose to auction it off to the highest bidder. When your NFT is sold, the ownership and payment are recorded on the blockchain, and you receive the agreed-upon cryptocurrency in your wallet.

Are NFTs a good investment?

The value of NFTs can be highly volatile, and not all NFTs appreciate in value. Some NFTs have sold for millions of dollars, while others may not gain any significant value over time. It\’s essential to do your research, understand the market trends, and be cautious when investing in NFTs. The NFT market can be speculative and risky.

How can I create my own NFT?

To create your own NFT, you\’ll need a digital wallet with some cryptocurrency to cover the gas fees (transaction costs). Then, you can use an NFT minting platform like Rarible, Mintable, or OpenSea to upload your digital item, set its properties (like name and description), and mint it into an NFT. Once minted, you can list it for sale on an NFT marketplace.

What are the environmental concerns surrounding NFTs?

NFTs, particularly those on the Ethereum blockchain, have faced criticism for their environmental impact due to the energy-intensive process of blockchain validation (proof-of-work). However, some blockchains, like Ethereum 2.0 and Flow, are transitioning to more eco-friendly consensus mechanisms (proof-of-stake) to reduce their carbon footprint.

Can NFTs be counterfeited or stolen?

NFTs themselves are tamper-proof due to their blockchain-based authentication. However, the digital files associated with NFTs can be copied or pirated. It\’s crucial to understand that owning an NFT doesn\’t necessarily grant exclusive rights to the associated digital content. Copyright and intellectual property laws still apply.

How do I keep my NFTs secure?

To keep your NFTs secure, use reputable digital wallets, enable two-factor authentication (2FA), and store your wallet\’s private keys offline. Be cautious of phishing scams and only use trusted NFT marketplaces. Additionally, consider using hardware wallets for added security.

Are there taxes on NFT transactions?

Tax regulations regarding NFTs vary by country and can be complex. In many jurisdictions, NFT transactions are subject to capital gains tax. It\’s essential to consult with a tax professional to understand your tax obligations when buying, selling, or trading NFTs.

Where can I find the latest NFT news and updates?

You can stay informed about NFT news by following reputable crypto and blockchain news websites, joining NFT-focused forums, and following NFT-related accounts on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Additionally, many dedicated NFT news websites and newsletters provide regular updates on the NFT space.