Morning Moon Village- Best Blockchain Game

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Morning Moon Village- Best Blockchain Game

Build your farm, sell your crops, explore and collect resources, craft new equipment, have fun with your pets, all on the blockchain!

Morning Moon Village is a play-to-earn exploration farming game which revolutionizes the traditional defi yield-farming project with game mechanics and full 3D graphics. The game features NFT rewards in which the players can leverage the NFTs during the farming process.

Players with less staked value can potentially earn more rewards than those who staked more by clever uses of NFTs.

Play on your web browser. No gas fee, and no crypto token required to get started.

The game is developerd by Extend Interactive Co., Ltd., one of a leading independent game development houses, based in Thailand. This project is the first official blockchain game on the Bitkub chain, by using Bitkub Next wallet, players won’t need to pay gas fee to start playing the game.

! Warning !

You need to have a Thai phone number in order to register to Bitkub Next and use their wallet. The alternative is to trade KUB on their exchange (KYC required, including passport and selfie) and send the tokens to a MetaMask wallet, but players will have to pay fees at each transaction (~0.0005 KUB per transaction).

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Morning Moon Village- Best Blockchain Game

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